Tuesday, 10 June 2014

It Is Always Good To Step Out And See The World (Social Skills)

Been out of here for quite sometime. I was having a getaway trip to Thailand.

I always love to travel round the world to see the contrast between Singapore and the outside world. Along the way, I get to sink into their culture and learn many pointers. These are life skills and experiences which are not attainable by books. It is always wonderful to explore and step out of our comfort zone to see something different. I also love to interact with the people there. Though I know nuts about Thai Language, it's funny and cute to communicate through a common language by basic English or Sign Language. The Thais are generally heart-warming and pleasant people. The only disturbing thing was that the locals love to price discriminate against the tourist. If you go for shopping, they will quote exorbitant prices. Taxi will be quoted at a flat rate to tourist. I managed to get on taxi-meter a few times after much persuasion. Hehe, ACHIEVEMENT! Anw, I got to chat up with a shop owner regarding my idea of shipping her supplies over to SG to sell. Seems like the shop owner is keen on it. Hopefully, I can get my Thai friend to help me out on this :)

I believe one factor that may help us in future is this word called "connections". In this world, we are now so inter-dependent. Working alone may not be the key to success anymore. High EQ and good interactive skills are imperative and it may bring you this "golden opportunity". Of cause, luck do play a part too. Sometimes you do see people with highly inter-personal skills climbing the career ladder faster than others with equal/higher credential. Why? Because they know how to network well and win the likes of fellow colleagues and bosses. I don't encourage you to go to the extent of boot licking your bosses and end up creating a scene of office politics. It's definitely gross and disgusting. Yeah, I do see such people too in every places and it is a real turn off.

Have you watch Wolf of Wall Street? With a skill like Leonardo DiCaprio (Sweet talker, superb convincing skills etc.), it can be a deadly weapon. In that movie, apparently he used it the corrupted way, so don't follow his footstep . But if you have that skill, it will definitely be an upper hand compared to your peers and people around you. These are skills that are very powerful because words can inspire. I also love the part how Brad sell the pen to Leonardo DiCaprio too. Cool huh?

What I am trying to say here is that, social skills are not hone within a day or just by reading a book. Yes, you can read all the book in the world. You can even read Dale Carnegie's book where he teaches you confidence and interactive skills. But without applying it in the real world, you will never learn. That is why the best way to interact is to step out and see the world. Travel round Singapore, pick up a few conversations with people, meet more people, learn foreigner's culture and lifestyle, talk to foreigners, understanding human body behavior, reading how people behave etc. Sooner or later, I'm sure you have no problem mingling with strangers. Use it in a good way, it will be a powerful tool.


Little Boy


  1. Don't con Thai ladies with your newly acquired SQ. LOL

    1. Hi Uncle CW8888,

      Won't lah. I scare I'm the one being con instead.

  2. Yes, Chinese there is a saying 读万卷书不如行万里路!It is really important to do the actual "walking"! ;-)

    1. Hi Richard,

      I haven heard of this phrase before. My Chinese isn't that good honestly. Thank you, I learn something new today :)

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