Friday, 7 March 2014

Being RICH is not about how much you have, BUT about how much you GIVE.

I happened to chance upon this video from Facebook and I learned a new quote today, YAY! It's my first time hearing this and I am deeply empowered by this quote. It is really meaningful. 
I am very sure there are living examples in our world as depicted in the video. Please don't say you have lose faith in humanity. It is a simple, short and sweet video which brings so much sentimental values. I only disagree to the part where by his father is so cold to his own son, while he can be so supportive to other kids. I always believe Charity begins at home. Help yourself before helping others. The reason why his very own son reciprocate to him this way when he grows up is probably because of having a not so loving and caring father. But, still a very touching clip (I nearly got moved to tears :X)

While many Singaporeans are working their ass off for money. We do forget at times about the less fortunate people. Giving is also part of receiving. For my small part for example, I do buy tissue papers from aunties/uncles/handicaps which I see this as a form of little giving. I also donate to victims of natural disaster.

On another part, we are moving so quickly nowadays that we tend to overlook all the small details around us. I feel we ought to stop by a moment and think about little bit and pieces of details and enjoy little small things. How often do we get to enjoy the view by the sea, the sounds of bird chirping, the rustling of trees. We are now in the era of instant gratification.

To end it off,  life is all about moderation

Little Boy


  1. Little Boy,

    I am happy.

    Not just about giving; we can support too by our actions when served by our seniors, people who are different from us, a bit slower at retail outlets.

    Be a little bit patient, have a smile for them, and look into their eyes :)

    Support our social enterprises.

    The young is leading us.

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Definitely agree on your part too. That's why they always say a smile can brighten up a person's day. We can start off a simple smile and this will lead to a contagion effect.

      A true example which I always see is this young SBS driver who always service my area routes. He greets and smiles to everyone who boards the bus. Surprisingly, everyone returns him a smile and acknowledges his greetings. This shows that Singaporeans are pretty shy in nature or conservative but can be very nice, polite people.

      The most polite people I ever seen are still the Japanese. They are simply one of a kind. SMOL, have you been to Japan before? It is worth to sink into their culture and experience it. I'm amaze and appall by their culture.


  2. I agree about the charity in the family part. I think that it's good he wasn't giving the answer so obviously to his son when he was young, but they could have put slightly more emphasis in the short video about how the father is also loving and caring for his son more than it's shown.

    But yeah, a great short! The video reminded me of a close friend I have, whom I've known for 20+ years now. He's old (almost in his 90s), isn't rich by any means, but he's the most radiant person I've known, and "gives" to everyone, even if it's just a smile.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well~

    1. Hi Mura,

      Thanks for visiting my humble blog.

      Yup, I thought so too. After all, it is still a simple and sweet video. I think as long as the director's message "Being rich is not about how much you have, but about how much you give" gets across to people like us, it is good enough.

      Great to see such people around in Singapore. Living happily and bubbly, spreading their "love" to others. We always need people to brighten our day up. We, Singaporeans always look so gloomy and dull. Especially the faces of Singaporeans during morning train ride to work. It is as though someone owe us a life.

      Thank you once again. Hope you enjoy reading my reflections :)


  3. I think the story has a very good message. You feel more happy by giving and being generous than getting and having money


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