Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sell In May And Go Away?

A scary taboo, "Sell in May and go away".

Hmm. I'm just wondering whether this taboo will happen again this year.

It happened last year and it was my 1st year experiencing this encounter. I saw many counters especially the REITS getting whack down. Similarly, STI was at the peak of 3.49 but it came falling down to 3.20 and below in the May Period.

I will hold my war chest at the moment and see what is valuable to invest into. Meanwhile, I will try to stay away from the market for this period (May - July). I predict it will be a very low and dull period during this 3 months because of World Cup. Moreover, the last 3 World Cup have proven this lull period.

So why does this taboo happens? I guess nobody really knows. Even Investopedia cannot really have a definite answer : Sell In May And Go Away - Investopedia Defintion

Happy Investing!


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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Simple Yet Effective Improvisation

A simple and innovative idea that brings wonder.
I did not know so much harm is done to our Mother Earth. Poor Earth.

Singapore's version uses the detector device system. The device will turn red when parking lot is filled, lights are green when there are empty lots. Similar idea but I wonder how much these devices are spent when the Koreans are using a much cheaper method of Balloons.

Hope this creativity will bring some inspiration to readers here.
Innovation and improvisation at its best!


Little Boy

Sunday, 27 April 2014

King Wan Corporation Limited Further Updates On KTIS

I just got a response from King Wan Corporation Limited regarding some questions I raised up to them.

My questions :

I will like to ask some questions relating to the listing of KTIS. I understand that the IPO will be listed on 28th April 2014. Will KingWan be liquidating all it's S$50m worth of KTIS shares? or will be holding onto some?

Another question regarding the loan to associates. I understand that loans made to associates totalling S$54m; S$23m bears interest at 2.5% to 5% per annum, S$26m interest free. What are your views on it?

Here is their reponse

I believe King Wan's management will do their best to monitor the price movement of KTIS and hopefully offload some at the right price. I am confident that they are capable of doing so.

KTIS will be listed at 10 Baht/Share. For every increase in 1 Baht/Share will see an increase in S$4.56m. So timing to release these shares have to be precise. One forum-er in VB has mentioned earlier that another IPO listing of similar industry (Food and Agro Industry), Ichitan Group Public Company which is on Stock Exchange of Thailand has shot up on the first day of release.

IPO Price - 13 Baht/Share.
First day Closing Price - 16.20 Baht/Share.
Now Current Closing Price - 17.90 Baht/Share.

If we are to see KTIS shares to shoot up by 25-35% like how Ichitan shares did, we are looking at another S$10-15m coming in if King Wan are to offload their KTIS shares. Yummy Yummy!

The only question now is, when will King Wan offload their shares?

Looking forward to Monday :)

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Friday, 25 April 2014

King Wan Corporation Limited on KTIS IPO Listing

It's about time that they finally announce this news.

"On 25 April 2012, King Wan Corporation Limited (the “Company”, and with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) and its wholly owned subsidiary, King Wan Industries Pte. Ltd (“KWI”) entered into Sales and Purchase (“SPA”) agreements with KTIS to sell their entire shareholding in Environment Pulp and Paper Company Limited (EPPCO) and Ekarat Pattana Company Limited (EPC), for a total consideration of THB1,224,400,000, 5% of the consideration has been paid in cash and the remaining 95% shall be by way of shares in KTIS when it is listed on the SET. 
The Board of Directors of the Company is pleased to announce that the Office of Securities and Exchange Commission in Thailand ("SEC") had officially approved KTIS’ Initial Public Offer (“IPO”) filing on 18 April 2014 and KTIS’ shares were opened for subscription between 21 to 23 April 2014. KTIS’ shares will commence trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on 28 April 2014.  " - Quoted
King Wan Corporation Limited will be allocated with 87,267,000 shares and King Wan Industries 29,051,000 shares. A total of 116,318,000 allocated shares at 10baht/share translate to approx S$45.36m (Using 1 THB = 0.0390SGD). This will represent about 3.01% of KTIS issued shares. With that insight, this will bring very a exciting future ahead especially from FY2015 Q2 onwards. 

I have emailed their IR regarding on their decision whether to keep part of KTIS shares or to liquidate all of it. I hope they can get back to me.

King Wan's Current Closing Price on 25th April 2014 : 0.335

You can also refer to my previous entry on King Wan
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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Individual Personality Test - Self Assessment

Ever wonder how you actually fair as a person?

Sometimes I'm rather curious about myself and I wonder what others think about me. Most people around will give positive remarks or compliment one another because we always love to hear the good side and filter the negatives. It's very hard to come by "criticism" from people which I love to receive them in open arms. Ironic huh? What I meant are genuine comments or constructive suggestions made by close people around you. I prefer to hear them and look forward to work on it.

More importantly I want to know how I behave and fair as a person. I believe we need to deeply understand our inner self and personality before we can actually develop and change for the better. Each an everyone have an Achilles heel and a strength in us. It's always good to focus on our strength and work on our weakness. Now, the BIG question lies on whether how well you know about yourself. Not knowing yourself well enough can be managed, BUT the thought of you knowing FULL of yourself is worst! That is why some people don't change or a leopard never change it's spot.

Okay, so here are some test that are available to gauge your personality. Please try to answer truthfully to get the most optimal and accurate result. Try not to think too much over 1 question. Let your first thought and follow where your heart goes in answering the question. By the time you hesitate in answering a question, it may change your mind.

Here is my test result. 

Quite accurate but not entirely true for some probably because some questions are rather "tricky" to me. For example, "choosing between earning money or spending time with your friends/family". Of cause I will definitely choose the latter, but that doesn't mean I don't want to earn money. I guess that explains my low ambition test results. HAHA! Anyway, it is still quite a good rough gauge to know yourself better. At least some points are true which I know it myself, so I should jolly well work on it :)

Here is another test I did before which I read it from a book. I forgot what book was it.
Same rules apply, answer them truthfully and give a agga-ration (estimation) of points you score in each question.
Each question is appoint 10.
1 for worst - 10 for best.
If you are hestitating between a score of Eg.8-9. I will score myself the lower point.

Here is a sample of what I did.
I did it a few years ago, when I was really free. I stapled them all together and place it somewhere I can refer to whenever I need them.

Happy Self-Assessing !


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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Fraser CentrePoint Trust 2QFY2014

Fraser CentrePoint Trust just release their 2nd Quarter 2014 Report.

Yet another good performance by FCT.

Increasing quarterly DPU.
2QFY2014 announced a DPU of 2.88 cents, up by 7% from last year 2QFY2013.
DPU year-to-date totaled 5.38 cents compared to 5.1 cents for last year.

Ex - Date will be on 28th April 2014 
Payment Date - 30th May 2014
Investors REJOICE! YAY!

Gearing level stood at 27.7%
(Total of S$589m; S$25m due by Feb2015, S$564m due > 1 year)

Weighted Average Debt Maturity at 31st March 2014  - 2.75 Years
All these debt are not inclusive of Changi City Point acquisition.

Net Asset Value increase to (S$1,466,633,000 / 825,400,343 shares) = $1.776

FCT's Portfolio occupancy rate at 96.8%
Bedok Point occupancy rate at 77.0% 

Number of leases expiring in FY2014 - 89
[50% from CauseWay Point (43), 25% from NorthPoint (22)]

Number of leases expiring in FY2015 - 231
Have to keep a look out.
Causeway Point(77) and NorthPoint(80) - Accounts 31.6% and 50% of gross rent of mall respectively.
Not to forget Yewtee Point(41) accounts 54.8% of gross rent of mall

Causeway Point and Northpoint are the 2 biggest contributor for FCT
S$15.49m from Causeway Point
S$8.88m from Northpoint (HUAT ah, lucky number)

2QFY2014 have not included Changi City Point in their portfolio as of yet. I'm looking forward to Changi City Point as the 6th Mall in their portfolio which will definitely bring more future economic benefits.

My disappointment is still with Bedok Point. Ever since the opening of Bedok Mall which is a stone throw away from MRT, Bedok Point has been badly hit. Occupancy rates are lower and rental rates are lower because of ongoing refurbishment work. FCT expects Bedok Point to recover to above 95% in the 2nd half of 2014. I hope the management will work on it although Bedok Point is a small percentage of FCT's portfolio. Hopefully, they can convert Bedok Point into a niche shopping mall, focusing on maybe say education hub (Tuition Centres), or electronics or to accomodate the neighbourhood around.

Financial Result
Press Release
Result Slides


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Friday, 18 April 2014

King Wan Corporation Limited : More Upside Potential ?

This counter is especially interesting.

I am still waiting for their news on the IPO listing of Kaset Thai International Sugar (KTIS). King Wan have not make a official announcement regarding the IPO yet.

The latest news I seen is the link here - 4th April

I'm not too sure how much this source can be trusted. When this source was published on the 4th April, King Wan price shot through and break the downtrend resistance. It hit a high of 0.315 and closed at 0.300. The last closing price on 17th April 2014 is 0.320.

From the source " Its debut on the Stock Exchange of Thailand has been slated for April 28"
I do hope it is true. I'm eager for any official news that KingWan can provide soon. Hopefully, this will unlock further potential that I'm looking forward to. The IPO has been delayed for months and the only latest news KingWan announced was on 17th Feb 2014 regarding the Approval for KTIS to list their IPO by 15th August 2014 (Link provided).

EDITED : * KTIS to list their IPO on 28th April 2014  * 10 Baht/share
(Credits to MISSLEE1137, Thank you very much)

How does KTIS listing affects KingWan Corp Ltd?

Reason being:  King Wan sold their entire holdings in Environment Pulp and Paper Company (EPPCO) to KTIS through the proceed of 5% cash and the remainder through the listing of KTIS Shares ($50m worth). It doesn't really matter if the IPO price is high or low. If it is priced low, they will be compensated with more shares. So, once KTIS IPO is listed, KingWan will receive their shares which I guess most investors are waiting for this moment. KingWan can either choose to liquidate all of their shares or keep part of it. Liquidation of KTIS shares will probably mean more upside to dividend. Hehehe! Investors can expect special dividends to be coming in :)

Current dividend yield (Using 1.5cents)
= 0.015 / 0.320
= 4.6875%

A predicted special dividend of 1.5 cents will translate to a dividend yield of 9.375%. Yum Yum!

A Quick Calculation On Financial Ratio

  • Net Asset Value = (84,870,159 / 349,176,870) = 0.243 
  • P/E Ratio = 14.74
  • Current Ratio = (59,497,059 / 40,742,999) = 1.46
  • Debt to Equity = 8.99%

Things to take note

Loans made to associates : S$23m bears interest at 2.5% to 5% per annum, S$26m interest free (Keeping an eye on this)

This S$54m loan out is very substantial because the group revenue for 3Q2014FY was S$25m. (The loan is twice as much as what they gain in revenue)

A Quick Business Summary of King Wan Corporation Limited

King Wan Corp Ltd started off as a construction firm. Now it operates in 4 different segments. Investing in this stock is some what a diversification already.

1. Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) engineering services for construction and building industry. (Core Business)  Eg. Installation distribution, alarm system, air-conditioning, fire protection, M&E design, mechanical ventilation system for buildings. Up to today, they secured a total worth of S$166m M&E contracts till 2017.

2. Services (Provides rental for mobile chemical lavatories) So far I have not seen a mobile toilet by them yet.

3. Property (Engages in the development, marketing and sale of residential and commercial properties in SG, China and Thailand)

4. Vessel ownership and Chartering (Chartering of vessels to third parties)

Disclaimer: This is not a buy or sell call. Please exercise your own due diligence before making any decision. I will not hold responsible for any gains/losses you make.


Little Boy

More sources can be found at the links below.

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

How To Earn Money By Clearing Your Stuff?

Do you have lots of white elephant lying around?
Do you have anything that you always want to clear?

Recently, I been hooked to this app called Carousell.
Both Apple and Android market are able to download for free.

Basically I love this app because it allows me to sell my unwanted stuffs through Carousell's Community with much ease. You can sell whatever junks or crap you have that a lying around your house (Clothes, accessories, books, souvenir, toys, IT gadget Etc.). And I seriously mean ANYTHING. Even people sell tuition services or some other services.

The good thing about this app is that it makes selling of your stuff online so much easier. With just a few taps on your Iphone, you are able to post your sales in the market. It is 100% idiot-proof.

Step 1: Take photo of your goods
Step 2: Key in details of your goods (Pricing, Location of deal, Condition of the good. etc.)


That simple.

And you can sit back, relax and wait for buyers to contact you via personal message in the app.

In addition, privacy is not an issue. You do not need to leave your HP number or any particulars down.

So far, I managed to make a few sales through this app. I used to sell my unwanted stuff on HWZ or VR Zone (Forums) but the chances of selling in these forums are rather low because there are lots of spam in there. I guess this app is a much better alternative now.

I also know a few people who actually make recurring income every month through Carousell. They use this platform to resell clothings/apparels where they get from suppliers/distributors. Carousell can be another alternative to blogshops. Moreover, these are "rent"-less avenue where small start ups or entrepreneur can establish their mini business through this app. Some day maybe, I wish I can get such lobangs and start up a small scale one.

But first, I have to focus on my studies. Exams are just round the corner.
I guess I will do it after my exams :)

Little Boy

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Fraser CentrePoint Trust to Acquire Changi City Point

Finally, FCT will acquire Changi City Point for S$305 Million

Seems like this is gonna happen sooner or later anyway.

FCT is considering to finance this acquisition through debt and equity financing. Undertaking private placement :( to finance part of it. The remaining may be through loans.

"So as to ensure that the acquisition will provide overall DPU accretion to unitholders while maintaining an optimum level of gearing" - quoted 

Here are the links:


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Monday, 7 April 2014

Win A Trip To Australia

What a coincidence! Just after posting my previous entry about Australia, New South Wales. I happen to see this lucky draw contest to win a trip there.

Here is the link:
Win a 4D3N Free & Easy Package to Sydney, New South Wales!

No harm participating in this contest since it takes only less than a minute to fill up my details

Hope I can win :) Hehe! Then it will be my chance to go this time.

Best of luck to any one participating too!


Little Boy

Australia (Cultural & Monetary Value)

My parents just got back from Australia, New South Wales not too long ago. Great that they are enjoying their golden years and traveling around the world together. They had quite a handful of oversea trips after their retirement already.

Both of them shared with me their stories about their recent Australia trip. It is fascinating to hear about the cultural differences between Singapore and other nations.

Here are some interesting findings my parents encounter.

1) People
The Australians are very warm-hearted and courteous people. They will greet strangers on the street with a smile lit on their faces; "Good Day Mate". They are very munificent and helpful citizens too. For instance, my uncle was asking one of a passerby for toilet directions. He was so willing to help to the extent that he literally guide my uncle to the nearest toilet which was quite a distant away. These small little help may not be of a big thing, but it really shows how much their people are willing to go an extra mile to help strangers or even to brighten a person's day.


It is quite rare Singaporeans do that. I am not trying to say Singaporeans are not polite or generous because they do not greet people. It may be due to our conservative environment that we are brought up in or our shy nature. I believed Singaporeans are equally polite and kind hearted but we express in a different manner. I seen many honest, humble and polite people in Singapore and also a fair share of uncouth Singaporeans. We cannot simply write off Singaporeans as unfriendly people because of these minorities.

2) Transportation
They still rely on train conductors; A little backwards in terms of technology as compared to Singapore where we uses EZ-link card. Their payment system based quite a lot on trust. Their payment for the train goes like this:

Train Conductor steps into the train.
Train Conductor: "Who haven pay your tickets, please raise your hand."

I been to Australia once before too. I remembered that their payment for buses are by cash too. They are more carefree, laid back and "slower in pace". Commuters will line up to make cash payment to the bus driver and change will be given back to you. This process can take up a few minutes before the bus starts proceeding on it's journey.


In Singapore, we have a vast network of transportation. Most part of SG is convenient and accessible. Apart from our frequent SMRT breakdowns (These few days keep breakdown ARGHHHH!) which results in many angry commuters to curse and swear, our public transportation is rather efficient. At the expense of being much faster in pace, sometimes we do get nasty remarks or signs of impatience when we hold up commuters behind us. You may encounter some "death stare" or people behind you making this "TSKKKK" sound. It gets worse if you hold up the peak hour traffic commuters. End of the day, this question arises in my head, "So does technology actually improves our life?"

3) Shops
In NSW, all or most of their shops close at 5pm. Only on Thursday, some of them are open till 9pm.


In Singapore, most shops close around 9pm or latest 10pm on a daily basis.  

4) Food
Food wise; minimum cost per casual meal is about 10-15AUD. Usually a rather large portion is served which can be shared by 2 medium eaters. NSW have very little variety of food, most of it are Western Food which are deep fried and oily. Their staple food seems like French Fries. I wonder how they are able to indulge in such unhealthy food everyday.

The most worth meal my parents had was Golden Rooster (KFC-alike). They have the biggest chicken portion ever. Tender, crispy and finger licking good. Unlike SG KFC, our chicken seems to be abused and underweight.

The most ridiculous meal my parents had was at a Chinese Restaurant.
A. Broccoli with prawns (28AUD)
B. Duck slice (36AUD)
C. Noodle using curry powder seasoning (Forgotten)
They mentioned that the Chinese food was terrible. It was some ordinary shop, so standard of food may be explainable. But, the price of the food is sky high. It is literally day light robbery.

5) Car Park Charges
Apparently, New South Wales seems to have higher charges for parking. My initial assumption was that Australia being a country with abundant land and space, parking should be relatively cheap. Did not seems to be in this case; car park fee is particularly expensive. On average, most places charges around 6AUD per hour. Some of their parking system is also a little different whereby some car park only limit a maximum of 0.5/1/2 hours of parking. If you exceed the time, you will get fine. The highest car park fee my parents happen to see was 50AUD per hour. That is one huge burn in the pocket. Interestingly, they also have "ERP" but my parents are not sure how they actually work.


Singapore have considerably expensive car park charges too. As long you own a car in Singapore, be prepared to spend and do some damages to your wallet. We have both the gantry payment system and our very own coupon parking system. We have our distinctive "summon" aunties too. Their presence always brings panicky and funny sightings. Suddenly, you will be able to see people rushing to the car park. At some locations (Eg. Coffeeshop, Restaurants), they provide "informants" to spot for "summon" aunties. Hahaha. Quite an adorable way Singaporeans work together hand in hand to fend them off. We are indeed uniquely Singapore.


It is always good to understand and learn other country's culture. You never know when you need these knowledge. As for me, I am very curious and inquisitive. I love to find out and hope to sink into other country's unique culture. I find it awe-inspiring. Besides that, each an every nation have their pros and cons. No country is perfect but every country got their own distinctive culture and lifestyle. Some of it will defines us from others and that is what makes it so special. Like every human beings, we have a purpose in life, a talent and that is where we should specialize and strengthen on it. Work on your strength!


Little Boy

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Straco : Did Someone Queue to Buy At A Wrong Price Today?

Did somebody queue to buy Straco at a wrong price this morning?

Yesterday closing was 0.595.

Today it open at 0.670 and 2 lots were traded.

I bought 1 lot at 0.580, queue to sell (Limit Order) yesterday at 0.600 and SCB managed to fill my order at 0.670 to match the opening price of today.  I was shocked to see my order filled at 0.670, I thought probably it was some error. Phew, it wasnt.

The spread today is so wide, it drop back to a low of 0.615.

This is more of a speculative trade which I bought, thus only 1 lot. I will consider this a very fortunate trade. And I wouldn't dare to say I am proud winning this trade, it is really fluke.

I used to own this darling stock at 0.300 with quite a big allocation to it. Sold it quite long ago at 0.340, thought it will drop back because of the strong resistance and illiquid nature. I was wrong, it bust through the roof and rocket higher each week. It hurts to see the stock I have faith in the most to rise higher and higher each week. I could be sitting on few thousand dollar profit by now. But ohwell, money earned is better than money lost.

It taught me some very important lesson :

1. To trust my analysis and not my instinct that it will drop back.
2. Let my profit run, don't be too hurry on taking profit.
3. Be patient.
4. Don't let emotions take over you. I was too quick in wanting to cash out too; I was looking in terms of monetary value/profit and not how much the share is worth.

I will cherry pick this share if it ever drop back to a 0.500 or lower. I believe Straco is still a very strong fundamentally sound company with further room to grow. Hmm, probably? They are undergoing a bid for a new project which may be a further catalyst to it. As for their current tourism-related projects such as the underwater world and aquarium, recent and last few earning reports show dramatic rise in tourist inflow, thus the drastic increase in profit. But, one question is how much can they still grow?

To sum up

I hope I will be more wise in riding on my profits next time. Still, a very happy and lucky trade I gained today.

Little Boy