Saturday, 29 March 2014

UMS Holdings : Bonus Share 1 to 4 / How Will It Affect?

UMS just announced yesterday that they are proposing to issue out 1 Bonus share for every 4 existing ordinary shares held by shareholders which are subjected to approval.

"The proposed Bonus Shares issue is subject to the in-principal approval of Singapore Exchange Securities Limited (SGX - ST)" - Quoted from the announcement

A quick summary of the important points

1.Based on current issued shares of 343,654,327. Up to 85,938,581 Bonus Shares will be issued out.

2.The Bonus shares will not be issued at any cost and it will rank pari passu with all existing shares.

3."The bonus shares will not be entitled to any dividends, rights, allotments or distributions, the record date of which falls before the date of allotment and issue of such Bonus Shares." (My assumption: Bonus Shares will not be entitled to receive the upcoming dividend of $0.035 dividend)

4. Bonus shares issued to increase share capital base of the company to reflect the growth and expansion of the group's business and to increase trading liquidity and more participations by investors

All these information can be found in full details here : UMS Announcement - Propose Bonus Issue

My Take

Not to worry, bonus shares are deem as a sign that the company is expanding and doing well. It does not dilute the shares because each existing shareholders are getting the bonus shares. It is the increase of share base capital.

For example in UMS Holding's case, If I own 4000 lot. I will be entitled to 1000 lot of bonus share.

Before Bonus shares issued :
(4,000,000 / 343,654,327) x 100% = 1.16%
Means I possess 1.16% ownership of UMS Holdings

After Bonus shares issued:
(5,000,000 / 343,654,327 + 85938581 [Bonus Shares issued] ) x 100% =1.16%
Eventually, I will still end up possessing the same amount of ownership of UMS Holdings

In accounting term, Bonus shares are issued out from either General Reserves or Share Premium of the company (Can be mixture). In General Reserves it is further sub branch out into Retained Profit (Accumulated from the earnings through the years) or Profit for the year.

What effects does Bonus Shares contribute to?

1. Price of shares will reduce accordingly after bonus shares XD.

Eg. Take for example UMS Holdings' case again (If I own 4000 lots of UMS). Let's say UMS Bonus XD on this monday 31/3/2014. Based on last closing price of 0.770, the price will fall accordingly to :

($0.770 x 343,654,327) / (343,654,327 + 85938581 [Bonus Shares Issued] ) = $0.6159

Market Capitalisation remains the same. You can work backwards.


You will still have the same amount worth of UMS shares:

4,000,000 x $0.770 = 5,000,000 x $0.6159

2. Net Asset Value and Earnings Per Share will decline due to the increase amount of shares.

Eg. Take for example, UMS issued out Bonus Shares. (Extracting values from the latest report FY2013).

Current NAV = $0.556

EX-Bonus NAV
= (0.556 x 343,754,327) / (343,654,327 + 85938581 [Bonus Shares issued])= $0.445

Current EPS = 8.40 Cents

EX-Bonus EPS
= (0.0840 x 343,754,327) / (343,654,327 + 85938581 [Bonus Shares issued]) = 6.72 Cents

Importantly, do take note that there may be a drop in NAV and EPS in following reports of UMS after issuing of Bonus Shares. It will be unkind and injustice to judge UMS performance base on the drop of EPS and NAV, we have to take into account the drop in EPS and NAV due to bonus share issued. The greatest/best case scenerio ever, If UMS maintain a EPS of 8.40 cents in following FY, which translate to a net income increase of ($0.084-0.0672) x 429592908 = $7.2m . I can only dream. But of cause, dreams do exists and it may be possible.

Do take note too that, if profit does not increase, dividend yield will be affected too.

Why do companies issue bonus shares?

1. Increase liquidity for more trading activity because there is an increase of share base and the reduced or cheaper stock price may be more affordable for many other investors.

2. Reward shareholders in the form of shares instead of cash

3. To show that the company is looking forward to expand. Like I said, increase in Bonus Shares will lead to decrease in NAV, EPS and even Dividend yield. So if a company is proposing to issue Bonus shares, it goes to indicate that they are able to handle the bigger share capital base and provide more economical benefits in the future.

Little Boy

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Retirement : Enjoying the fruits of your labour

Just thought of sharing this story and a little about my background since most people in this financial community are discussing about retirement. From Investopedia, definition of retirement means it is the period when a person chooses to leave the workforce. My definition of retirement is a very big word and a whole new and different step in life. It is the point of enjoying your life forever and ever without financial worries. It is probably the last phase of your life, a carefree one with the least stress ever throughout your existence.

Other than being a child with no worries or stress. I guess the next best phase will be retirement.

Examples of  the worries you have in your phases of life
Teen:  school, homework, studies, getting A's
Young adult:  financial, work, studies, building up a career.
Mid age adult: housing, loans, spouse, marriage, financial.
Adult with kids: children, financial, building a family.

I'm not too sure what worries do retiree have as I have yet to reach that stage. One day, if blogs still exist and I have retired, I will share and note it here :) But right now, from what I observe from my parents, they are really living the life.

Both of my parents have retired for quite some time already. My father about 5-6 years while my mother join in the "retirement" club about 1-2 years later. I would consider us as an average or above average earning income family. My dad was a civil servant serving the nation for 37 years which was his first and very last job. My mother hop around a few jobs, got retrenched once during the SARS period if I recall correctly. Fortunately, my father had an iron rice bowl. Both of them balance their work and family commitment very well, providing ample family bonding time together. We never lack of food, have a roof over our heads and basic necessities are not a problem. I am very privileged to grow up in this family and fortunate to be living in such state. I wouldn't dare ask for more and I am very contented with what I have now.

Now, both of my parents are enjoying their golden years and fruits of labour. I guess they do not have anymore financial worries and stresses because both of my sisters are financially independent already. I am very happy and glad for my parents, they really deserved this life. Having seen them relax and take their time to do whatever they like really makes me envious. There was once my father spent a few weeks flying his kite that he made which reminisce his youth days. He always proclaims to us that during his younger days he was the best kite flyer and he was able to cut down many other kite flyers who competed with him. He always shares with me lots of his real life stories that brings plenty of moral values to it. I roughly can recite a few of his stories because he do repeat them at times. Hahaha. Maybe I should dedicate a blog post to him some day.

Here is another short write up about SGYI's family background. I sincerely respect him for not being afraid to share his background. I sympathize for him because his background is not as fortunate and privileged as mine. But it is great to hear that he is doing very well now, with a positive mindset and a goal in mind.
A little story on SGYI's family background

To end it off
Retirement all depends on personal preference. It is not a rat race whereby whoever retires first is the winner. One can choose to retire at any age as long as you know whether you are capable of doing so. Some people choose not to retire because they rather kill their time at work or they simply love their job too much. Ultimately, one must not forget to enjoy life even if you are retired or working. As long as you are living and breathing, we should lead a happy and go lucky life. Bring a smile along where ever you go. It will not only lighten your mood and brighten your day, it also helps to cheer up the environment around you :)


Little Boy

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Earning Money Through A Healthy And Active Lifestyle

Am I pulling your leg?

Nope, not at all. Our government is rewarding us for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Guess what, it is specially for men only.
Hmm, government must be bias and unfair against the ladies.

I presume you might have guess it already.


This is a great initiation from our government.
An incentive that rewards you for obtaining different class:

Pass : Allowance          
Bronze : $100
Silver : $200
Gold. : $400

I really feel this is considerably a large sum of money the government is rewarding individuals. $400 is a big sum to me and I hope it is for most of you reading here. Every dollar counts for me. Imagine getting Gold for 10 consecutive years. That will be $4000. Ahhar! With this amount, don't you think you can do a lot of things with it?

I do not know the exact amount our government actually fork out annually for this incentive. (Please haters of government don't bash me). I understand these are tax payers money too. So whatever that we are rewarded are actually coming out of our pocket? Hmm, yes it does make sense. But I like to see in this case where, if there is a chance to take money back from the government, I will try all means to take it back. For this case, I will work my very best to get Gold.

Indeed I got gold for my Year One IPPT last weekend.

I'm very proud of myself because I really work EXTREMELY hard to obtain this goal of mine. During my army days, the best I got was Silver. And running was the only factor that stopped me from getting Gold. Ironically, I seems fitter after ORD than I was in army. I did not come up with a regime or routine to train myself for IPPT. I just remained discipline and run at least twice a week. With a mixture of intervals and long distance running I slowly saw improvements to my 2.4km timing. This is not a 1 day trick, it takes time and patience to see the result. $400 in 1.5 hours is my best paid salary ever! Feel free to ask me any other tips regarding IPPT, I will be more than willing to help :) 

I understand some people dread and hate taking IPPT. Please don't give up. AhGong / Free money is for you to collect, so don't waste this opportunity. You may not have to aim for gold, but if you happen to set a goal and manage to achieve it, you should really feel proud of yourself. I also do understand some people may proclaim they have insufficient time. Hey but wait up, YOU choose your life, and YOU make your own choice. The very next time you come up with such excuses again, please smack your face up down left right and center! Hahaha. Okay, on serious note, I believe time can always be set aside for your own health. Don't neglect your health just to attain some other stuffs. Have a work - life - health balance. 

At least one of my checklist is being tick for my new year resolution. You can see them here : LittleBoy's New Year Resolution. And of cause, I will still continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Remember, wealth is nothing without health AND health is the greatest wealth!  

To end it off, a simple message to you readers out there. This is one of my key motivation to get me moving and kicking alive! 

If he can do it 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish (The Greatest Fool of All)

Have you heard of this quote before "Penny Wise, Pound Foolish"? 

I give you a simple story that my father once shared with me many years ago. One fine day, my father was invited to play Mahjong with my neighbours next door. So the conversation (summarize) goes something like this:

Neighbour: Wanna play mahjong?
LittleBoy's Father: How much?
Neighbour: $2-4
LittleBoy's Father: HUHHHH?
Neighbour: Ahhh, too little ah? Okay loh, $4-8.
LittleBoy's Father: It's alright, I shall give it a pass. 

My father thought that out of courtesy he could join them for a game so as to have a mini neighbours' bonding session. Astoundingly, the bets were too high. I swear my father is a very good Mahjong player. He is a mind reader and an intelligent player. But his intention was not to win their money, so he rejected their invitation politely. If you know about Mahjong, you will understand that that is a huge bet for a average earning income family. In worst case scenario, the lost can amplify up to a thousand or vice versa if you win. 

Here comes the contradicting and hilarious part. 

Another fine day, my mother went to the market to shop for groceries. She overheard my neighbour bargaining persistently with this store owner selling vegetables. Guess how much she was bargaining? I won't kid you. She bargained and asked for a discount of 5cents. The store owner at first was very reluctant, but eventually give in to her. Poor thing!  Isn't it very contradicting? You can bet so big in Mahjong and you want to make life difficult for a store owner selling veggies. It is a true example of the literal meaning of Penny Wise, Pound Foolish. 

I guarantee that there are many other funny Singaporeans out there with this mentality, Penny Wise, Pound Foolish. Another example can be that some Singaporeans are so willing to spend on luxury and lavish car brand. When it comes to car park, they can go the extra mile to park at cheaper locations to the expense of having to walk further or even to the extent of cheating car park coupon timing. Please don't tell me you are guilty of that. I understand every dollar save is a dollar earn, but isn't it absurd you were once so willing to fork out so much on car, when you can actually save much more by buying a cheaper car? My father always tells me that a car main purpose is to fetch you around. A car is meant to work for you, not the other way round. Nowadays, it seems as though humans are enslaved to their car. 

I hope that you understand where I'm coming from. Some of us are guilty of having this mentality but we can always work on it for the better. I have said this a few times in my blog. In life, what we need is to have moderation. Sometimes, we cannot be so calculative and be so nitty gritty on very minor details. We need to give and take. And most of the time, we cannot be so "Pound Foolish" too. Having impulse buying behaviour is definitely an unhealthier habit and we need to weigh the pros and cons before throwing our hard-earned money into something so expensive. I'm not saying you should not invest and spend in yourself. By all means go ahead but please do it moderately. Just don't be the greatest fool of saving so much yet spending away prematurely on unnecessary lavish items in life.

Little Boy

Friday, 14 March 2014

Our Neighbours: Malaysia Johor Bahru (Money Value)

Recently, I went to Malaysia Johor Bahru for a day trip and discovered some intriguing and captivating experience. With our Singapore Currency strengthening against the Ringgit, the exchange rate at the money changer was approximately 2.56 (1 SGD = 2.56 Ringgit). Ah har! I feel so much like a mini king in JB. The increase in income effect and purchasing power seems as though I have double in value of money.

I ventured around City Square JB. Apparel, clothing, accessories, bags, or fashion as a whole are roughly the same pricing as Singapore. Food wise or basic necessities (In RM term) is relatively more pricey too. A normal meal cost 5-10 RM, where in Singapore we can get it from 3-6 SGD. Not too surprising because City Square JB is directly located just outside Malaysia's JB Custom. It is just a stone throw away and inter-link from the custom. This comes to my first point: With such expensive pricing (In terms of RM) I was kind of curious how people in Johor Bahru are surviving?

While I was exploring some of these shops in the mall, I happen to see this shop hiring part timers for 7 RM per hour. It is shocking. That is estimated to be around $2.70 SGD, much lower than our current Singapore part timers' average pay. Even Macdonalds in SG is offering much more. I feel sympathetic for those Malaysian Part-Timers and at the same time, I feel much more appreciative of the value of money. I sense the blood and sweat of every Malaysian having to work twice as hard so as to compensate Singapore's money value. Now I understand why so many Malaysians are crossing over the borders to accept relatively lower wages. A considerably lower wages in SG of about $2000 is equivalent to about a manager's wages back in Malaysia.

I noticed some dreadful scenes along the way too. There appears to be a handful of beggars along the outskirt of the mall. I was greeted by a mid age lady with a child begging for money. I did not "donate" not because I am selfish or could not care less. I believed it was not right at all. Tagging a child along and begging for money from strangers. What/How will the child grow up into? Won't it lead to a poverty cycle? Will it solve the problem ultimately? I may be harsh with my words, but I feel that if the lady is still capable of walking around or still able, she should exercise some form of responsibility to work and provide for the child. Be it even selling tissue paper, it is still a form of "working". That is why, I am very gracious those people who sells tissue paper. At least they are "working" and not begging for money. Fair enough, I may not know the underlying reason and I will gladly apologize dearly to these people for my misjudgment.

On a lighter note, I had a great time heading over to Malaysia with my friends. We managed to scout for cheap and pleasant bargains which made our day. These entertainment expenditure will burn a hole in our pocket if we enjoy it back in Singapore. I have calculated an approximate cost of $80 SGD. Guess what, I only spent a total of $35 SGD for the list below. That is HALF! Talking about crazy deals and saving, this is A HUGE saving with the same entertainment value you can enjoy in SG. I may even consider going back JB just to catch a movie or to relax a day over there with my friends.

Here is my list of "damage" for the day:

1. Lunch [Japanese Food] ~ 34 RM ($13.30 SGD)
Sushi King
Cheap, delicious, filling and yummy sums it all. I ate till I nearly exploded, it shows how much $13 SGD can get you.

2. KTV [Neway] ~ 38 RM ($14.80 SGD)
3 hours of singing, 1 drink of your choice, 1 set meal of your choice.
I wonder where else in Singapore to get such bargain. Singapore's KBox/Party World lose to this KTV hands down. Moreover, Neway's KTV system is updated to the latest music and well equipped with a good mix of English/Chinese Music with original Music Video (MTV). KBox/Party World has a poor and limited selection of English songs. Not to forget, their MV are absurdly hilarious (Fake MV; Usually those classic video whereby a woman stroll in a park). You should get what I mean if you ever sing Karoke in Kbox/Party World.

3. Dinner [Street Food] ~ 11 RM ($4.30 SGD)
Satay, Mutton Soup, Maggi Goreng, Kwayteow Hailam

Ordered a handful variety of food to have a taste of their street food. Tried out their satay : beef, mutton and chicken. Frankly, this is one of the best satay I had so far. One word, SALIVATING! The generous amount of fatty piece of meat they chunk in one stick plus the juice that ooze out whenever you take a bite leaves your mouth in coma. Perhaps if the satay sauce is great, that will be the best satay combination ever. Their satay sauce is so-so standard. I still prefer Singapore's Pineapple Satay Sauce that some SG satay stalls provide. The rest of the food were still fine and to my liking but not to the standard worth commending. Overall, a reasonable price worth trying out.

4. Movie ~ 12 RM ($4.70 SGD)
Cathay Cinema
Spacious and comfortable. There is ample leg space for you and a cosy armchair to sink into. It is not only a huge theater, it looks rather grand and appealing too. The theater is just as good as Singapore, it live up to Cathay's standard. For the price of $5 SGD and zero hassle to get available slots, what more can I ask for.

To end it off
These are some of the interesting sights I seen just in a day in Malaysia, Johor Bahru. Sinking into their lifestyle for a day has made me learn quite a bit and widen my perspective. It teaches me the importance of valuing money and I grab away some moral values with me. It taught me not to take things for granted. I hope I will revisit JB again and wish to take away more learning points.

Little Boy

Friday, 7 March 2014

Being RICH is not about how much you have, BUT about how much you GIVE.

I happened to chance upon this video from Facebook and I learned a new quote today, YAY! It's my first time hearing this and I am deeply empowered by this quote. It is really meaningful. 
I am very sure there are living examples in our world as depicted in the video. Please don't say you have lose faith in humanity. It is a simple, short and sweet video which brings so much sentimental values. I only disagree to the part where by his father is so cold to his own son, while he can be so supportive to other kids. I always believe Charity begins at home. Help yourself before helping others. The reason why his very own son reciprocate to him this way when he grows up is probably because of having a not so loving and caring father. But, still a very touching clip (I nearly got moved to tears :X)

While many Singaporeans are working their ass off for money. We do forget at times about the less fortunate people. Giving is also part of receiving. For my small part for example, I do buy tissue papers from aunties/uncles/handicaps which I see this as a form of little giving. I also donate to victims of natural disaster.

On another part, we are moving so quickly nowadays that we tend to overlook all the small details around us. I feel we ought to stop by a moment and think about little bit and pieces of details and enjoy little small things. How often do we get to enjoy the view by the sea, the sounds of bird chirping, the rustling of trees. We are now in the era of instant gratification.

To end it off,  life is all about moderation

Little Boy

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Russian & Ukraine Situation

For the benefit of those who are living under the rock or don't read up to any current news. Let me share with you that Russia & Ukraine are in the brink of going to war which I definitely hope not (Fingers crossed). I do not want to see blood shed and the killing of own human species. Sometimes I do wonder, in this 21st century, why are there still so many political crisis going on? Don't people learn from past mistakes?

A quick summary on why it happen

From my own knowledge and own reading through online news (Please fill me in if there are more details to it), the underlying reasons for the Russia & Ukraine crisis are the decades of tension between Europe and Russia. Since Ukraine is sandwiched between Russia and Europe, Russia wish to cast a dominating figure over Ukraine and certainly hold as much control over Ukraine. 

So how did this situation escalate so quickly that Russia invaded Crimea?

1. Back in November 2013, Ukraine President rejected a trade deal with the EU and instead favour Russia deal. This led to 3 months of massive protest and the eventual ousted of President Viktor Yanukovych.

2. President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrow on the 22 February 2014.

3. A new political leader arise which was generally supported by the West.

4. Not to forget Eastern Ukraine are closer to Russia side and most people speaks Russian or of Russian descendant root. These people loyalty lies more towards Russia. Hence, the uprising of the new interim government spark unhappiness and anger in them, leading to further demonstrations. 

5. This feeling was more intense and hugely demonstrated in Crimea. 

6. Russia made use of this reason to invade Crimea and claimed that they are merely "saving the people". (Honestly, I don't think that is a very valid reason. They may have other motive which I am unsure of)

So I guess this pretty much sums up what happen these few weeks. I hope I have enlightened some people here.

Anyway to keep you updated. This very latest piece of news I read.
"KIEV - Russia's Black Sea Fleet has told Ukrainian forces in Crimea to surrender by 5 a.m. (0300 GMT) on Tuesday or face a military assault, Interfax news agency quoted a source in the Ukrainian Defense Ministry as saying."

(This is extremely worrying and I do not wish to see a WW3. A war will see stock market crash and to many other ripple effect.) 

Some interesting insights:

End of the day, I doubt the US and Europe have the financial capabilities to go into a war now. Even if sanctions are to be made by the West. It will still be the West who are deeply affected and not Russia. Besides that, Russia have their neighbours China and other smaller countries like Cyprus for economical support. 

So is sanctions enough to stop Russia? I don't think so. 
I am hoping for a mutual agreement or a peace agreement. And If that does not work out, "THEY" always believe war is the last resort. 

(All of these are based on my own analysis, reader discretion advised)

Little Boy